Onderzoeker Medisch Laboratorium

Onderzoeker Medisch Laboratorium

, 40 jaar - Ref 1030

I am looking for new challenges in the Netherlands to help and support the Dutch society who accepted me and protected me when I came here as refugee. Through my long experience working as a researcher in medical science fields, I learned that my mistakes and my failures are the backbone of success. I also learned from mistakes of others and considered their mistakes are an important resource to help me refining my life's skills.I always love new challenges and complex circumstances that I face because it makes me stronger. Then I can enjoy my moments of success. the life teach me never give up because our world does not respect the weakers. I am always doing my best and love my achievements. Respect is the most important thing in my life.

Doctor of veterinary medicine (Syria 1999-2004), Doctor in medicine (Syria 2007-2010), Biomedical Science (NL, 2017-present)
1. I worked with team to achieve the planned goal 2. I have an efficient communication skills to insure a smooth work process 3. I co operated with teams to solve site issues 4. I was a head of teams in labs and field during my work as field veterinarian and researcher in laboratory
Syria: Veterinarian/ supervisor (2004-2006), Veterinarian/ head of section (2006-2007), Veterinarian/ researcher (2007-2012), Veterinarian / sales manager (2008-2010), Doctor (Jordan 2012-2013), Doctor/supporting refugees (Turkey 2013-2014). Trainee / Volunteer in NL: restaurant 's-Heeren Loo, Noordwijk (2015); GGD Workshops on Syrian healtheducation and health caring for kids; UMC Hospital, Utrecht (heart and lungs Division in cardiology experimental lab); Leiden university- LU European center for Chinese Medicine, Leiden.

Talen / Languages: Arabisch / Engels / Turks / NL
Beschikbaarheid: Full time
Trefwoorden: onderzoek , laboratorium , research

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